"I say you’re the best i ever had

but how are you suppose to be the best

when you’re the reason for my scars

and the reason my life was put to the test

how are you suppose to be what made me smile

when you only made my mind race in miles”

I don’t love you.
I’m in love with you.
I’m in love with all the different, crazy, colorful things about you
All of the things that you do that you don’t notice
All of the things you wish you were even though your perfect the way you are.
I’m in love with everything, in every little way.

You know who drive me crazy? The people who don’t believe someone when they try and ask for help or tell them that they think something’s wrong with them. Have you ever thought that maybe the person isn’t faking whatever they think they have and that they’re telling you because they’re tired of feeling that way?